The GLUE for your Network

GLUE is the multi-protocol, multi-user, multi-discipline, multi-purpose “Control Software” that ties everything together. Whatever network connected devices speak: MIDI, OSC or DMX protocols. You can teach GLUE to control!

Imagine your creative production setup with all your presets, configuration and automation data accessible simultaneously on all devices. Smartphone or tablet, or multiple smartphones or tablets with all functions accessible in real-time. This enables new workflows and new unparalleled collaborative possibilities in true multi user and touch+tactile Hybrid control experiences via HYBR mode. Where never seen before dynamic collaboration is fueled in agile ways in how you can share and assign resources.  

GLUE features HYBR mode which is the answer for maker musicians and audio anarchists alike, who hunger for experience beyond screen. Tactile control satisfies in ways screens can not and the combination of agile, seamless, touch and tactile functionality is trans-formative. True multi-user, collaborative, uber-sharing possibilities!

GLUE really does tie things together for you!


GLUE is “always on”

GLUE happily, via the network, works with MIDI and OSC based software running on your computer! But unlike your other software, GLUE does not (usually) run on that same machine. GLUE runs “in the box” and 24/7 – you may compare it to appliances like set-top boxes or broadband routers which provide certain services to your network. We have chosen the Raspberry Pi – the world’s most popular credit card sized computer – to run GLUE inside one or more of your Things.

Therefore, GLUE needs no screen and no mouse. We knew you would appreciate that! GLUE performs its magic silently – use connected tactile controls and your smartphone or tablets to interact with GLUE across the network. Running multiple GLUEs in a network will easily connect different setups, multiple rooms or multiple studios – like your GLUE and the GLUE from your friend – lets you connect anything and control everything in a most flexible, decentralized and agile way!

The Future is Now. GLUE control software really does bring things together. New freedoms found in access and control of any device connected to your Network of Things.  

Connect Anything, Control Everything!